Why Portacell?

We are an innovative UK impact tech company specialising in safe, reliable, green high density (HD) battery technology for the world’s work sites.
Our mission is to meet the challenge of global warming and improve health, safety and quality of life for millions. We help industry reduce and remove diesel generators while maintaining construction and infrastructure operations.
We believe in zero emissions and zero carbon from source to site, not just at point of use, to deliver the maximum benefit for the planet, people and the built environment.

construction site
city skyline sunrise

Clean power is in our DNA

Portacell people are power people. Our leadership team includes senior professionals from some of the UK’s best-known electricity generation, transmission and infrastructure construction companies.

As well as successful individual careers, we are an established team, having used our joint expertise to deliver a number of renewable power projects.

Our deep understanding of power markets and regulations across the whole development chain from greenfield to operations, means we expertly navigate changing markets and have excellent relationships with key trusted industry contacts and technology partners.


Portacell meets all regulations and certification for use on UK construction sites and is currently on a journey to secure the appropriate industry and sector accreditations.