Portacell Power-as-a-Service is a clean energy alternative to diesel for construction sites. Check out the FAQs below for answers to commonly-asked questions and if you can’t find what you’re looking for (or even if you can) get in touch. We’d love to tell you more.


Portacell is currently only available in the UK where units will be available for early adopter projects from April 2023 and for general Power-as-a-Service contracts from September 2023. We hope to be able to expand internationally from 2024 onwards.

With Portacell you pay a weekly service charge, which includes unlimited replenishment, plus the cost of the actual energy you use and the rate you draw it off. We’re confident we can’t be beaten on price for larger sites. Talk to us about your energy needs and get a quote.

No. Portacell conforms to all regulations and certification for use on UK construction sites and needs no special permissions or licensing.

Our battery technology conforms with all regulations and certification for safe transport and use on construction sites. Using it safely is no different to any other form of electrical energy supply, including grid. However, with zero emissions, vastly reduced noise and no vibration the risk of environmental impacts and ill health is much reduced. There is no spill risk.


Anything really. At 3,100kWh capacity and a maximum draw-off rate of 500 kW, Portacell is more than capable of running large plant like cranes as well as welfare cabins and even charging electric vehicles. Each Portacell unit is equipped with multiple outputs so you can draw off power in single phase, three phase, AC or DC or any combination of these.

Use the same cables you would use to connect to your traditional generator. Alternatively, cables can be supplied as part of the service.

Yes. Our units are modular and there is no limit to the number you can have on site. Each one operates separately. There is no need to connect them to each other, so you can have them in different convenient locations as long as we have the access we need to replenish them.

Portacell is technically capable of delivering a power rate of up to 1,000kW but in practice we limit this to 500kW as this is more than enough to supply construction equipment and allows for easier power management. Each Portacell unit is equipped with multiple outputs so you can draw off power in single phase, three phase, AC or DC or a combination of these.

Portacell battery modules use proven lithium-ion technology. This remains the best current available solution for reliability, security and sufficiency of supply.

However, we recognise that their manufacture has an environmental impact and we place an emphasis on improving sustainability through improvement and re-use.

Usage and Maintenance

We just need enough hard ground to position each unit, space to swap it for a new one and access for our delivery truck. The unit dimensions are about the same as a standard 20ft long shipping container. They typically remain on the back of the delivery trailer that brings them to site, unless you have particular site constraints. Please contact us for more details or for any dimensions you need for site planning.

Portacell is an electricity service and we replace the individual units as often as needed, so in terms of project duration they last indefinitely. In terms of the individual lifespan of each unit, we expected them to last around 15 years (dependent in use) as a PaaS product, after which they are designed to have considerable ongoing potential for second life applications, including for power grid storage.

It depends how much energy you draw from it. At 3,100kWh capacity, each unit should supply any typical larger construction site for between three and five days, but this will be affected by the type of electrified machinery you are using and its hours of use.

In reality it doesn’t really matter, because with a Power-as-a-Service contract, we replace the unit seamlessly, with no supply interruption, as often as required. Talk to us if you would like to understand more about how we can meet your requirements.

It is a simple process which takes about an hour. The battery unit remains on the delivery trailer, so it is just a case of manoeuvring the new trailer into place, unhitching it from the cab and attaching the output cables to the relevant sockets on the unit. During changeovers, the cab will then be re-hitched to the trailer carrying the depleted unit. A small buffer battery left at site maintains continuous supply during the changeover.

A small buffer battery on site ensures there’s no interruption to your site supply while the unit is being changed over. This process takes about an hour.

There is no on-site maintenance required. Portacell carries out all maintenance off site, to a strict regime, to ensure batteries offer high levels of availability. Being a battery, there is no spill risk or need for ongoing monitoring. Portacell is charged, connected, monitored, replenished and maintained entirely by us. It’s all part of the service.