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Energy made easy

Power-as-a-Service (PaaS) is like getting an instant grid connection, but without the lead times and expense. That’s because you are buying a reliable and unlimited supply of electricity, not hiring a battery.

Once a Portacell unit is connected, we monitor usage in real time and automatically replace it as often as needed at no extra cost.  A slave battery maintains supplies during changeover.

In some ways, Portacell beats a grid connection. It can move with your site and scale up or down as your needs change, but you only pay for the power rating you actually use.

The PaaS process

An illustration showing the first stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing three Portacell battery units being charged by renewable electricity.

Portacell units are charged from REGO-certified renewable energy

An illustration showing the second stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing a Portacell battery unit being transported to site on a zero-emission vehicle

Zero-emission vehicles deliver the units to site

An illustration showing the third stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing a depleted Portacell battery unit being replaced by a fully-charged one

We install the fully-charged units on site or exchange depleted ones

An illustration showing the last stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing Portacell's zero emission, zero carbon power being used by site machinery

The units power on-site equipment using multiple high capacity connectors allowing varied outputs

Net zero from source to site

Power-as-a-Service is completely emission and carbon free at every step of its supply chain.

It starts with the energy we use to charge our battery units, which all comes from our UK network of certified wind and solar generators and is backed by REGO certificates to guarantee its origin.

Next, we use zero emission vehicles to transport the Portacell units over the minimum distances possible, and all within the UK. There are no global supply chains.

Finally, the power we deliver on site emits no air or greenhouse gas pollutants whatsoever because there is no combustion or exhaust fumes. Just clean green electricity.

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The industry challenge

Electrifying non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) is one of the best ways for construction companies to decarbonise. But grid connections can be prohibitively costly, time-consuming and inflexible.

All other off-grid diesel alternatives use fossil fuel in their production, transport or use, and some, like biofuels, face long-term sustainability issues.

But Portacell is different. Our electricity service is completely net zero from generation to use and is cheaper than any competing source of carbon and emissions free power.

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Clean reliable power for large non-road mobile machinery

Ending construction’s reliance on diesel-powered NRMM

Latest News

Latest news

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1st March 2023

Watch a short 90 second video introduction to Portacell’s Power-as-a-Service, with a complete transcript.

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