Power-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Power-as-a-Service is a limitless, flexible and reliable supply of carbon and emission-free electricity for construction sites. Sourced exclusively from accredited UK renewables. No load-matching or supply interruptions guaranteed.

Zero air pollution and low carbon lifecycle

Zero emissions or carbon from source to site

Flexible, one-size-fits-all service

Flexible, one-size-fits-all service

Automatic recharging with no interruption

Automatic recharging with no interruption

Energy from certified renewables

REGO-certified wind and solar energy

Flexible, reliable and totally green

With Power-as-a-Service you pay a unit hire charge and the cost of the actual energy you use at the rate you use it. We do the rest.

There’s no load matching. Our one-size-fits-all service delivers power at any rate and is modular so we can supply any amount of electrified plant. Just use more than one unit if you need the extra capacity.

There’s no downtime. We remotely monitor the units for seamless, limitless replacement with no supply interruption – guaranteed. All designed for simple site logistics.

Plus, the units are charged exclusively from UK accredited renewables and delivered on zero-emission vehicles. That way we eliminate carbon and emissions at every step of the energy journey, not just on site.

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How Power-as-a-Service works

An illustration showing the first stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing three Portacell battery units being charged by renewable electricity.

Portacell units are charged from REGO-certified renewable energy

An illustration showing the second stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing a Portacell battery unit being transported to site on a zero-emission vehicle

Zero-emission vehicles deliver the units to site

An illustration showing the third stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing a depleted Portacell battery unit being replaced by a fully-charged one

We install the fully-charged units on site or exchange depleted ones

An illustration showing the last stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing Portacell's zero emission, zero carbon power being used by site machinery

The units power on-site equipment using multiple high capacity connectors allowing varied outputs

The benefits of Power-as-a-Service

With PaaS, it’s easy to evidence your air quality credentials and carbon lifecycle assessments in tenders, planning and ESG reports, because there are no emissions at all. The electricity we use to charge our HD units is sourced exclusively from accredited low carbon UK wind and solar renewables. REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) certificates issued by the UK’s energy regulator Ofgem accompany the power we supply. Even our integrated transport is zero-emission. Every one of our fleet of delivery trucks is powered by electricity or hydrogen. We can even provide data on how much carbon you’re preventing.

Portacell helps simplify site programming and on/offsite handling logistics. There are no long lead times and there is no need for demand forecasting or on-site load-matching. Each unit has a capacity of 3,100kWh and can deliver power at rates up to 500kW from multiple outputs. There’s no top-up charging on site, but you will never run out of power. That’s because we seamlessly auto replace the units ourselves. A small buffer battery maintains site power during the changeover process, which typically takes one hour.

We are also able to offer new pricing structures such as the ability to fixed or cap the cost of electricity used. This gives you budget certainty by helping de-risk energy price.

Use innovation to reduce risk, not increase it. Portacell uses advanced proven technologies but for novel use cases. On-site batteries are not new so you get all the usual benefits of having no spill or theft risk and no need for special permitting. What makes us innovative is the way we use best available battery cells in new high-density configurations. And our PaaS model, with its totally zero carbon and zero emission supply chain, means you can report much better performance against historical emissions.

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