On pricing, we believe Portacell is cheaper than any competing source of carbon and emissions-free power for large sites, including a grid connection. And there may be other revenue benefits you hadn’t even thought of.

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Fixed cost-effective pricing

Fixed cost-effective pricing

Reduced programme times and site logistics

Simpler programming and logistics

Automatic recharging with no interruption

Automatic recharging with no interruption

Energy from certified renewables

REGO-certified wind and solar energy

Unlimited cost-effective green power

Portacell gives you infinite clean green electricity at unbeatable cost, with the added option of capping or fixing energy prices for the length of your project.

A Power-as-a-Service contract gives you electricity at any rate (there’s no need for load matching) for any duration. There’s no limit.

And don’t forget to factor in better bid performance, zero fines risk and simplified planning, programming and logistics.

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How the cost is calculated

There are three cost elements to Power-as-a-Service:

This is comparable to grid connections, which are priced according to the rate at which power is drawn off, plus a unit price for the electricity used.

The benefits for your business

Manage your project energy costs with an optional Portacell long-term capped contract (conditions apply).  We are not subject to energy auctions because we deal directly with an exclusive network of UK solar and wind power generators. This means we can share the benefits of our negotiating power and exclusive relationships with our clients and there are no unpredictable global supply chains.

Simplify site logistics and reduce project programme times while significantly cutting fuel wastage. With Portacell, there are no long lead times and there is no need for demand forecasting or load-matching. Each unit delivers up to 3,100KWh of energy from multiple outputs at any rating up to 500kW. You will never run out, because they are auto replaced by us as often as needed at no extra charge. There’s no top-up charging required on site. Power is maintained during replenishment of the main battery using a small buffer battery.

Save even more by using detailed data to make your site energy smart. Portacell enables the complete electrification of your site equipment and gives you detailed reports of your energy usage patterns and CO2 equivalent savings. Use this actionable data insight to inform your energy efficiency plans, drive productivity and evidence performance for compliance with ISO50001 or ESOS.

There’s more to the cost-benefits of Portacell than just the price of the power you use. As rules and regulations change, there are multiple other revenue implications to consider.

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