Zero emissions, zero carbon

Portacell energises mission-critical construction activities to deliver public good without harm, thanks to unbeatable zero emissions and no carbon. We consciously eliminate all harmful emissions from every step of our supply chain.

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Energy from certified renewables

Energy from certified renewables

Zero air pollution and low carbon lifecycle

Zero air pollution and low carbon lifecycle

Automatic recharging with no interruption

Automatic recharging with no interruption

Fixed cost-effective pricing

Fixed cost-effective pricing

Zero tolerance on emissions

Carbon, NOx and particulates from the breakdown and combustion of fossil fuels like diesel cause life-threatening air pollution, degrade communities, and accelerate climate change.

Portacell eradicates them all, across its entire supply chain, with no compromise on reliability or service for power-hungry mission-critical activities.

All our electricity is REGO-certified from wind and solar renewables and transported minimal distances in zero-emission vehicles. And after 15 years of tough operational service, every HD unit is primed for a useful second life.

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Power as service

Provably lower local and global impacts

Forget about complex carbon lifecycle assessments for tender documents. At Portacell, we don’t just consider carbon reduction on site, but across our whole supply chain. It is the gold standard that smart ESG-sensitive clients look for in their procurement.

That means no fossil fuels, no carbon capture, and no carbon-intensive liquification, storage or global transport. Our sustainable green electricity is sourced exclusively from accredited UK renewables and backed up by Ofgem’s renewable energy guarantee scheme (REGO). All transport is by electric or hydrogen vehicles and after an estimated 15 years of service our advanced HD batteries have multiple second-life applications.

Positively report improved performance against the UK’s number one environmental health hazard – air pollution. With zero emissions, Portacell contributes to improved air quality in any local area and we do not emit greenhouse gases anywhere in our supply chain.

Unlike combustion engines, Portacell batteries don’t burn fuel and never emit noxious pollutants. They pass the WHO test on safe air quality now and forever. There’s no carbon monoxide, no NOX and no particulates.

Get more energy cost certainty for the duration of your project, even if it lasts years. Construction projects operate to notoriously tight margins and cost of fuels like diesel have risen sharply in recent months, particularly with the recent restriction on red diesel. Portacell has no global supply chains or sustainability risks and, thanks to exclusive long-term contracts, we are not subject to unpredictable energy auctions. All our REGO-certified electricity is sustainably sourced through exclusive long-term relationships with a network of trusted renewable generators right here in the UK. That means we can pass on the benefits with the option to cap electricity prices for the lifetime of your project.

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