VIDEO: What is Power-as-a-Service?

A 90-second video introducing Power-as-a-Service

Transcript of voiceover

Portacell Power as a Service is a new type of off-grid electricity supply for larger construction sites which is completely carbon and emissions free.

That’s right. No emissions. No carbon. Ever.

From source to site.

It starts with the electricity we use to charge our innovative high-density battery units.

It’s all from accredited wind and solar generators here in the UK and comes with a REGO certificate to guarantee its origin.

Next, Portacell units are delivered to and from sites using hydrogen and electric vehicles.

They’re emissions-free too.

Finally, on site, the units don’t give off any of the fumes or particulates which are bad for health.

They don’t vibrate or make much noise either.

A single Portacell unit has enough power to run an entire large construction site for up to 5 days.

But you’ll never run out, because we monitor and replace our units as often as you need with no supply interruption guaranteed.

Giving you a constant, reliable, off-grid and totally emissions-free energy supply which you can easily scale just by adding or removing the units you need

That’s Power-as-a-Service.

Portacell. Power made easy