Our technology

Portacell’s advanced and proven battery technology powers a typical large construction site for up to five days before replenishment. This saves the equivalent of 2,000 litres of diesel fuel but with total power rate flexibility and real-time data insight.

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Reliable, proven technology

Reliable, proven technology

Quiet operation and no vibration

Quiet operation and
no vibration

Flexible, one-size-fits-all service

Flexible, one-size-fits-all service

Reduced programme times and site logistics

Simpler programming and logistics

Proven technology, innovative application

Portacell’s ultra-HD battery unit uses proven technology in advanced configurations. It was developed hand-in-hand with some of the world’s leading experts.

Sophisticated remote monitoring and control means each of the dozens of individual battery cells inside our units is rigorously managed for temperature and performance, giving a combined capacity of 3,100kWh from multiple outputs at any rate up to 500KW.

There’s no noise or vibration and we track energy use by output type in real-time, so you get unrivalled data on energy and carbon savings.




Depth of discharge 


Ambient temperature range

-10C to 40C

Relative humidity range

20 to 95%

The benefits for your business

Demonstrate innovative net zero performance by harnessing the latest advances but with the peace of mind that the core technology is already trusted and proven. Portacell’s innovative battery is designed by world leaders in the field. As well as managing all the relevant regulations and certification requirements for safe transportation and use on UK building sites, they operate a programme of continual improvement meaning Portacell is always equipped with the best available technology (BAT).

Portacell offers an easier transition away from diesel than other clean alternatives. Our one-size-fits-all service includes modular units, making it both flexible in terms of load and capacity. You don’t have to load-match because you can pull power at any rate up to 500KW. There is no special permitting or unconventional infrastructure. Unit changeover delivery logistics are similar to those you’d get with an equivalent size diesel generator, but with no spill or theft risk.

Reduce the risk of environmental ill health and restrictions to your working hours due to noise and vibration. As well as emitting little noise and no vibration themselves, Portacell units unlock the use of more electrically powered equipment, opening up an even greater cumulative overall reduction on site. This alleviates the need for hearing protection, noise suppression equipment and some site monitoring because there’s much less local impact. Rather than restricting your working day, Portacell could allow you to extend it.

Inform your energy efficiency plans, drive productivity and evidence performance for compliance with ISO50001, ESOS or client reporting with Portacell’s real-time data insight.

Portacell daily reports show each unit’s energy usage by output at 30-minute intervals. This data ensures accurate billing and shows how much energy your site is using, which can be broken into what for and when. It also lets you accurately track and evidence your carbon reduction against other industry-standard diesel alternatives.


PaaS is the name we give to our innovative delivery model. It means you only pay a weekly service charge plus the cost of the actual energy you use. And you leave the rest to us.

An illustration showing the first stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing three Portacell battery units being charged by renewable electricity.

Portacell units are charged from REGO-certified renewable energy

An illustration showing the second stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing a Portacell battery unit being transported to site on a zero-emission vehicle

Zero-emission vehicles deliver the units to site

An illustration showing the third stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing a depleted Portacell battery unit being replaced by a fully-charged one

We install the fully-charged units on site or exchange depleted ones

An illustration showing the last stage of the Power-as-a-Service process, showing Portacell's zero emission, zero carbon power being used by site machinery

The units power on-site equipment using multiple high capacity connectors allowing varied outputs

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